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Lisa’s Garden

A Japanese Inspired Project

The bamboo plants have a striking shape and form with a beautiful, upright, stem structure.

The maples bring amazing contrasting foliage and spring colour.

The Gold Dust Plant add flowering foliage with their shape and vigour.

The sides are planted with Magnolias having a brown undertone on leaves.

The structure is an informal, private resting place with passionate red to create the mood of vibrancy and excitement. Red is often used in Japanese styles.

The informal screen of wood placed at varying heights creates interest and light.

The seat located at the rear of the planter box is to invite you to feel part of the garden and it’s a place of rest.

The large timber decking represents a Zen garden’s peace and tranquility.

The dark grey walls give the perception of size, while the contrasting green foliage works to increase this perception of size.

I dedicate this garden to Lisa who has resided in Japan for the last twenty-five years. Thank you for your strength, support and vitality for life.

I hope you enjoy Lisa’s Garden


Bronze Medal – Horticultural Gardening Festival Melbourne 2015


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