Garden shading

Enjoy your garden 365 days a year

Add a shading structure to your garden to create a more versatile space which can be enjoyed all year round.

Whether you need to be protected from the hot summer sun or the dreary winter rain, a shaded area of your outdoor space is an invaluable addition. Ross Goodman Design partners with high quality providers to deliver beautiful, durable and practical shades for city garden across Melbourne.

Ross Goodman Designs is a certified provider of Weinor shading structures. Weinor is a high quality German manufacturer specialising in bespoke shading solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

Shading structures can offer:

  • Protection from weather
  • Built-in outdoor lighting
  • Increased privacy
  • Non-obtrusive design
  • Use of your garden 365 days a year

Customised shading structures can be permanent or retractable. Often our customers want the option to sit under a shaded area but also want to be able to remove it at other times. Retractable awnings are perfect solutions for these outdoor spaces. Ross Goodman Design offers flexible shading structures which can be easily erected or put away.

Our designs can include:

  • Permanent structures
  • Folding structures
  • Multi-section units
  • Lighting
  • Easy-to-use technology
    • Radio controls
    • Wired controls

Commercial and residential shade structures and retractable awnings for rooftops and rooftop bars, townhouses, apartments and cafes

Ross Goodman Design specialises in designing and fitting the perfect shade solution for you. We’ll make sure the structure is the right size and suits the style of your property. To find out more, contact Ross Goodman Designs today.