About Ross Goodman Design

Ross Goodman is a qualified and award-winning landscape designer and horticulturist who has been working in the industry since 2006. His recent work has been published in magazines such as Outdoor Rooms and Best Homes Melbourne.

Ross is a member of the Housing Industry Association and the Victoria Building Association. He is a certified provider of Weinor shading products and structures. Ross has received his Master tradesman certification for master builders. His work was awarded a bronze medal at the Horticultural Gardening Festival Melbourne 2015 and commended at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden show. He has also exhibited at the Garden Design Fest.

He provides services throughout Melbourne, specialising unique, innovative landscape designs in inner city gardens. Ross uses the latest 3D Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) software to help clients visualise their garden designs.
Ross Goodman Design creates and constructs all styles of gardens to meet the most discerning client briefs with particular attention to plant selection from our experienced horticulturists.

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