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Roof Top Garden – Port Melbourne

This garden is located in a quiet area of Port Melbourne. The design of the garden can be used for a liveable roof top space with seats, planter boxes and a day bed.

There are 6 low voltage lights that illuminate the red posts and along the rear planter box and offer mood lighting at night which creates harmony and balance. The lights illuminate the Camellia Sasanqua Setsugekka and act as a feature to the space at night. The rear timber deck seat can be used as a day bed catching the light conditions in winter.

The planting pallet is white with a twist of orange. Along the brick wall Clivia Miniata is planted with Gardenias that have a highly perfumed white flower, picking up contrast to the White Flowering Camellia. The planter boxes run along the brick fence. A low maintenance plant selection is used to keep watering and maintenance to a minimum.

The rear seat was designed for storage with a move up timber decking lid on hinges with a pneumatic piston for soft close. This area could be used to store all the outdoor tools that are needed to maintain the area. It can also be used to protect other items from the elements or to store a small portable BBQ.

There is a flip up lid constructed from Merbau timber decking to store an Esky that can be used for drinks for a BBQ. It is placed next to the storage seat that is hidden under the deck seat and would suit even the most demanding BBQ cook.

There is a mobile timber deck seat on lockable castor wheels that can be moved around the deck to catch the changing sunlight throughout the year in Melbourne. Cushions and a blanket can be added to make the area comfortable, so you could read your favourite book in a beautiful inner city garden.

Low Maintenance Plant selection

Camellia Sasanqua Setsugekka (White Flowering Camellia)
Clivia Miniata

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