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Coastal Drought Tolerant Garden – Port Melbourne

A modern front garden was designed with harmonious, delineated circles using subtle plant choices with textures and colours. Plant selection was based on the client’s passion for succulents and the coastal conditions of the property; located near an inner city beach environment.

Barrel Cactus were chosen for their strong vibrant colours and shapes and create a striking centre piece. Echeveria species have been incorporated and create a subtle variation in shape, growth and colour.  The plants have hues of greys, blues, burgundies (Kalanchoe); and lime colour (Sedum) succulents to form a xerophyte garden (dry tolerant garden) in a spiral circle pattern.

 Xerophyte Planting

Echinocactus (Barrel Cactus)
Echeveria Glauca (Hen & Chicken)
Echeveria Elegans (Mexican ‘Snowball’)
Sedum ‘Angelina’ (Sedum)

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